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The World's Leading Online and Interactive - Health and Safety training System

Introducing Blended Training by Safeon

Using internet technology and tried and tested traditional methods to training Safeon have developed a system of blended training using online and offline training tools.

The Safeon blended training system allows for training usually taken in a classroom to be achieved to a high standard using a blended approach.

The content is delivered to an incredible level of depth and detail following the latest legislation and best practice. Online content is interactive and engaging using a range of techniques including; video, virtual apparatus handling, transcribes and virtual photo real 360 degree environments.

The system is designed to fully integrate with practical training, and is perfect to complement longer training courses that historically have required 100% classroom training with a practical element.

Where the Safeon blended system has been implemented the true cost of training can often be reduced by 70%.

The Safeon System